Our Family

  • Ozer

  • Gargir

  • Yoffe/Yaffe

  • Lavi

  • Roffman

Welcome to our website !

Ozerfamily.info" is a genealogical website which has been built in order to put together all the historical information regarding the various branches of our family:

Our website contains historical and genealogical facts about our family, photographs, and art works of the family members.

You can download the current English version of the family tree from here (GEDCOM format): Family Tree

We will be more than happy to receive additional information or family photogaphs. If you would like to share information (historical facts, family trees, photographs, art works) - please send them to the editor (Udi): udi2000il@yahoo.com and we will upload them to the website.

At the moment most of the information we have uploaded to the website is written in Hebrew (most of our family is located in Israel). We will be thankful for any help translating this valuable information to other languages (English, French, etc.).

Your feedback is important: Please feel free to write us your comments and thoughts.

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