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Welcome to our family website !

The site was built to make genealogical information, photos, and documents accessible to the family members. In its construction, many efforts were invested in collecting the information, editing it, and writing it.
The site explores and presents the various branches of the family:
The Ozer family, which originated in Baghdad in Iraq, but also stayed in Syria and Lebanon, immigrated to Israel mainly during the 1950s. The Ozer family was connected to the Labi (later: Lavi) family by marriage. Labi was of Turkish origin and was probably one of the deportees from Spain and Portugal.

The Gragir/Garguir family immigrated from Turkey and has its roots in the deportees from Spain and Portugal
The Yoffe/Yaffe family - has its roots in Eastern European Orthodox Judaism, and it reflects the rift that exists in Ashkenazi Judaism between the Hasidic and the Dissenters. Thus, some of the family members were among the followers of the Hasidic movement, and some belonged to the opponents of the Hasidic movement. Rabbi Yisrael Yaffe, "The Printer from the Kapost", who immigrated to Israel, was, for example, one of the students of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk, and a close associate of "Baal Hatnia" and founder of Chabad, Rabbi Shneor Zalman of Ladi. On the other hand, Rabbi Avraham Yaffe, who wrote "Maskil La'aitan" was one of the fiercest opponents of Hassidism. Members of the Yoffe family immigrated to Israel from Belarus (White Russia) from cities such as Kapost and Sheklao.
The Roffman family, which was related by marriage to the Yoffe family, immigrated to Israel from today's Ukraine, from a town called Stefan.

Today, based on the information we have, we can point out the historical-geographical origins of each of these four branches. For details regarding the historical-geographic origins of each family branch - select the link above that leads to it. In addition to presenting the family members and the connections between each family sub-branch and the other, the website allows you to familiarize yourself with photos and family documents that have been scanned into a digital format. If you have additional information about our family's ties to other families or sources and documents related to our family research - please contact the website editor. We would be happy if you could contribute more information, photos, documents, and details!

You can download the current English version of the family tree from here (GEDCOM format): Family Tree

We will be more than happy to receive additional information or family photogaphs. If you would like to share information (historical facts, family trees, photographs, art works) - please send them to the editor (Udi): udi2000il@yahoo.com and we will upload them to the website.

At the moment most of the information we have uploaded to the website is written in Hebrew (most of our family is located in Israel). We will be thankful for any help translating this valuable information to other languages (English, French, etc.).

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